Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dalton Terrier CheyAnna is now Five Years Old

I think we began posting photos of our Dalton Terrier, CheyAnna, just about from the first week we adopted her.  And now, wow, she is FIVE years old!  

Some of the best things about a Dalton Terrier are personality and gentleness.  She is a lovely little gal, and I am happy that she is only about 35 pounds full-grown.  Her coat is short-haired and fine, very silky, and we can hardly see the little sheddings.  But there are a lot of little fiber-looking things on our couch. Ha Ha.

Yesterday a man contacted me because he saw my web presence included photos of our Dalton Terrier.  He adopted a Dalton in 2003, he said, and she, "Lola," is the best dog they have ever had.  He wants another and didn't have information about the breeder.  I sent him what I had but we really don't know if anyone is breeding Dalton Terriers around western Montana.  A Dalton is a cross between a Dalmatian and a Boston Terrier.  Some of them are short, stocky and square-headed like a Boston, and some are slim and long and narrow like a Dalmatian.  CheyAnna is one of the long and narrow type, but she isn't so slim anymore.  We have her on a diet now after feeding her too much for the past couple of years.  She topped out at 38 pounds, but we liked her look when she was 33 pounds.  

Now I am going to share a final, cute photo.

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