Saturday, March 26, 2011

To Board or Not to Board. Leaving a Pet for the Weekend

We discussed what to do with our dogs while we are gone for a weekend.  Should have ask a friend to come in and feed, water, and check in on them, or should we board them out?

We finally decided that our Veterinarian's clinic, which has boarding kennels inside, would be the better option.  We provide the meals, pre-packaged in Hefty bags, and a toy for each dog, and they provide the walks!  What a deal!   I think we pay $60 for two dogs for two nights, and they get to stay together in one kennel run.  I think that is pretty important for them, rather than being separated.  The kennel runs are separated with concrete block walls so the dogs wouldn't be able to see each other.

The kennels are clean and well-maintained, and we trust the staff to look after our animals.  Best of all, we don't have to worry about whether or not our family friend will "forget" to show up.

Asking a friend to take care of one's pets can put a strain on a relationship, at least I think so.  I looked after my son's cats and fish tank while he was gone for two weeks, and all the fish died.  That was stressful for both of us (and, as it turned out, for the fish especially).


  1. When we put our dogs up we are fairly lucky. One of our friends always wants to take our older one Sisko and our 5mo old goes to my parents. They love taking one of them too. It works out great.

    We also have a kennel we trust very much and that would be our second choice.

    p.s. None of your profile choices include me. Selecting google account allows me to comment, but the link goes no where. Can you add another I think it says URL or something.

  2. Sad the fish died on your watch. I would not want to leave our pets for a weekend--that's why we turned down a free trip to Boston to see the Red Sox.



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