Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nylabone Big Chew Beefy bone

Our two dogs, one big, one small, are both "chewers."  They would, and have, destroyed every toy and chewie we have ever purchased for them.  Although the Nylabone advertisements say it is nearly indestructible, real chewers like our dogs can scrape away for months and gradually reduce the Big Chew down to a "Big Nub."

Yesterday, we received our re-order of two Big Chews for these guys and they were so funny as the each took a new bone and ran around like crazy to find a private or secluded place to lie down and get to work on it.  Even  funnier, I thought, was that they both ended up on the same pillow, chewing away.  I took a nice video for our memories, and got one good still of them both "holding" their bones.
Coby (l) and CheyAnna (r) enjoy new Nylabone Big Chews
Incidentally, the Big Chew is $18.95 at our local pet store, but I found them online for $13.10 each and ordered two through so the shipping was free (over $25 order).  These bones ought to last them until Christmas, about nine months away.

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