Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lovably Lucy, the Deaf Doberman

In 2003 we adopted a middle-aged female Doberman from the Animal Shelter.  Her name was Lucy and she was so quiet and shy, we knew we needed to bring her home with us.

We soon discovered that she was deaf.  The Animal Shelter staff was not aware of this.  So we suspected that an unsympathetic owner who didn't understand why Lucy would not respond to commands simply abandoned her at the shelter.

Lucy was only with us for a couple of months.  She got along well with our Chow-chow and carefully watched his every move so she would know what to do.  In this way she compensated for her deafness and endeared herself to us even more.  We thought she must have had a difficult life.  Lucy had a heart murmur, which we did know about, and she died quietly in our yard one afternoon.  We only hope that we made her final days a little better.


  1. Lucy was a beautiful girl. Our Abby had lost her hearing at around age 10 (too many ear infections and antibiotics) but she learned to compensate quite well by watching. People who met her never even guessed she couldn't hear. I would never hesitate to adopt a dog or cat who can't hear as they have an amazing ability to adapt. Bless you for giving Lucy a few good months at the end of her life.

  2. I'm sure you gave her the best part of her life and she died knowing that.

    We live with a 5 mo old Boxer with a grade 4 heart murmur and thankfully she is doing great with it.

  3. She was very fortunate that you were there for her . . . she was a beautiful baby.

  4. She indeed was a beautiful girl. I know she passed happily after having lived in your loving family.



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