Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Belle a Pembroke Welsh Corgi Rescued and given to a friend

We rescued Belle, a Pembroke Corgi, from an owner who had moved into a city apartment where she could no longer keep a dog.

Belle, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Belle seemed to be well-adjusted to house living and got along with the woman's cat, (we had three cats at the time), so we agreed to take Belle, who was only about three years old at the time.

Belle did not get along with our cats, perhaps part of her "pecking order" process, and she also felt quite superior to our Chow-chow, even though he outweighed her by forty pounds.

When Belle grabbed ahold of our Chow's snout and would not let go, even though she was being swung around violently, we knew that we needed to find a new home for Belle.

Fortunately for Belle, the home she went to was that of a family friend who had two Corgi's.  When I approached my friend, he explained that one of their Corgi's had died and the other was aged and had a tumor. He and his wife were very excited about Belle, and she quickly found herself right at home.

Belle loves herding, and a soccer ball is the perfect size.  She has a fenced-in quarter acre to play.  As of this writing, Belle is the only dog remaining in the house.
Kendra Wilkinson with Rascal, her Corgi

Pembroke Welsh Corgi's are really popular.  Among the most famous owners are Queen Elizabeth II, who owns four, and TV reality actress Kendra Wilkinson.  I have chosen to include a photo of Kendra with her Corgi.

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