Tuesday, February 1, 2011

So much joy and so much sadness

At one time we enjoyed the company of three dogs and five cats.  Of those eight animals, only one remains.

One cat, Coalie, wandered off, as was his habit, but never returned.

All the rest died of old-age-related infirmities.  A couple died in our arms, but we also had to make the hard decision to euthanize those who could not go on any longer.  We use our power to end their suffering, but it never gets any easier.

Along the way we added other dogs to our crew, all rescues, but some were beyond saving, health-wise, and others just could not adjust to our home environment and the animals that were already here.

Dalton Terrier CheyAnna
We now have just two dogs, one of which was a rescue within our extended family, and the other was purchased from a breeder when the breeder was quitting the business.  In a way, that was a rescue too. We just paid the breeder's out of pocket cost of $75.  It was the best money we ever spent.  Her name is CheyAnna, a dalmatian and boston terrier cross, which the breeder has named as a "Dalton Terrier."

This is a new blog and a new subject for us to pursue.  I hope you find something of interest as the weeks go by.

Thanks for visiting.
Rainbow bridge

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