Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Poop-eating and then Puking Tests My Patience

Our CheyAnna is evidently bored out of her skull, here in the yard in a Montana winter, where she has now acquired a taste for her pal, Coby's, poop.

After she vomited onto the carpet in our computer room, clearing out everyone, human and pet, I am struggling to determine if this is a temporary "phase" or if it is a potential problem that we will have to watch for in the future.

My spouse says that we must begin picking up dog doo every day in the yard, to remove the temptation.  Okay, that works for me when the temperature is above ZERO, but some days, like during blizzards, etc, I just don't intend to do that.  (She goes outside in such weather ONLY to do her business; then runs right back in.)

So we still love her, stinky "pook" and all.


  1. I just read your post and I've been through the same thing. At the risk of promoting my blog too much, I wrote a post about this on my blog. If you like, check it out.

    I won't link to it and get caught as a spam comment so I will jut put it here for you to search for on my site.


  2. I hate poop eating too. Our youngest boy, Jet, our Danish-Swedish Farmdog, still tends to do it once in a while, though he doesn't throw it up, which is good... =P He does it less and less as he gets older, though, i sure hope he'll lose the interest soon.

    I totally understand about that icky weather! Well, we don't get it quite that bad, but it's still icky here in Utah.



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