Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Max on the Mend Thanks to Pet Communicator

Animal communication remains a controversial topic, with believers and non-believers seemingly firm in their own opinions.

We recently contacted a local pet communicator who had received quite a lot of media attention and she did a reading on Max, our cat, who was not eating or pooping and was losing weight and in general, fading fast.  Max is about eleven or twelve years old, and had been the constant companion of a female cat who died just about the time Max began his decline.

The animal communicator provided us with a transcript of her "conversation" with Max and we discovered that Max was, indeed, mourning for his lost companion.  But there was more to the story.  Max "told" the communicator that he felt like he had "rocks in his stomach" and that he wanted to eat but couldn't.  He was in a lot of pain and had not been able to poop for many days.

A visit to the veterinarian confirmed that Max had a thyroid problem.  I asked for an x-ray.  The Vet showed me the x-ray and it revealed two marble-sized calcifications somewhere in the intestinal tract.  A single x-ray could not determine where exactly the rock-hard calcifications were located, but they could account for his inability to poop.  The vet prescribed a laxative with a fairly high dosage to begin with, and that did the job.

The thyroid meds also brought Max's appetite back.  He quickly regain a pound and became a regular at the litter box once again.  We have kept the laxative dose pretty low now and he continues to progress.

The calcifications won't be surgically removed because the expense would be far more than we could handle. So long as Max is evidently pain-free, and eating/pooping normally, we will let his life progress however it will.  We were just pleased and surprised that the "rocks in his stomach" as Max called them, actually existed and could be dealt with.

Max "told" the communicator that he did not want to die.  What an interesting experience for us all.  The communicator also convinced Max to be more cooperative when being put into a pet carrier for the trips to the vet.  This is wonderful!

Since then, the communication between Max and ourselves has greatly improved.  We talk to Max like he understands us and he has returned our love, now sitting with us all the time, instead of hiding under the bed.

I am not going to release the pet communicator's name because she is busy enough as it is.  Suffice it to say that we are now believers in animal communication and are becoming more adept at the process ourselves.



  1. How interesting! I'm so glad Max is doing better and things are back to normal or even better! I love my 2 kitties so I know how you about yours. Nice post! Glad to have come across your blog via Entre Card.

  2. I agree with Deborah. This is quite an interesting post. I've talked to my cats rhetorically. Great to know there you were in touch with an animal communicator who was able to converse with Max on your behalf.



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