Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chow-Chow is a Protector for Life

This is Poumba Chino Aboo.  He is gone now, of old age, you know?  While he was on this Earth for only a short twelve years, his integrity, loyalty and love live on in our memory.

Pouie was a joy to come home to, especially in his later years when he was blinded by cataracts.  He was so excited, and he had to be so careful of walls and furniture.  He adapted pretty well.

His coat and undercoat were so thick, and he did NOT enjoy being groomed.  It took a long time, even when we did it every week.  It took two of us; one to hold his collar while the other combed.  His rear end was particularly sensitive. He always tried to sit down.  Ha Ha.  He was such a lover!

Chow-chows have to be watched around children.  Pouie could react to being touched in a split second. (When he was younger, he used to catch bees when they flew around him out on the deck.)  He did not like being touched on his head, and while he endured it from family, he would not tolerate it from a stranger.  His growl and facial reactions were fierce.  I understand how the Chow-Chow was bred to be a guard dog in China.  They are very effective.

    Rest in Peace, Pouie.  We will always hold you in our heart.

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